TOP 10 MISTAKES Made by NETWORK MARKETERS #10: YES, #10 is here!

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TOP 10 MISTAKES Made by NETWORK MARKETERS #10: YES, #10 is here!

You have been asking for it… The TENTH biggest Mistake Network Marketers make that cost them a FORTUNE…so without further ado…

The 10th most common mistake is DOUBTING yourself… yup, it’s that simple

Most of you believe in your PRODUCT, MOST of you believe in your BUSINESS…
However, you faulter when others challenge you…
You procrastinate when self doubt creeps in…
You stand idle when it is time to make calls and sell your business…

All the “reasons” and “excuses” you say aloud or to yourself about WHY you are not where you want to be with your business are ROOTED in this one critical mistake.

It is the SOURCE of all your problems, bad habits and fears around the business.
It is why you won’t pick up the phone to make an appointment.
It is why you don’t book time in your week to work specifically on your business.
It is why you find excuses not to attend company events.
And as long as it is allowed to live inside you, it will be why you never succeed.

SUCCESS is a RESULT of your attitude and beliefs. The most fundamental of them is the belief you hold in yourself…
Belief that you will overcome…
Belief that you are STRONG…
Belief that your goals are attainable…
Belief that you can and will take the action necessary to build your business!

Believe it or not, you are one of a kind. You are of DIVINE making and you are FAR MORE CAPABLE than you can EVEN imagine.
So find ways to bolster your belief and grow your confidence, because your Business will only grow to the extent that you do!
My first suggestion is to make a list of things you are scared of and start facing them.

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