The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #7

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The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #7
Entitlement is the epidemic of the 21st Century“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” ~ Mark Twain

I believe that so much that is wrong in North America today has to do with an entitlement Mentality. That WEALTH should be distributed.

I have excelled because of hard work, discipline and determination. It is NOT wrong for me to want more, achieve more or earn more, it is in fact the “American Dream”. And that dream is now being DEMONIZED. Apparently now, we should all be victims and expect to be supported by others and the government.

My businesses contribute financially to THOUSANDS of families all over North America. I contribute to the global economy, and enrich the lives of others. The more people you HELP, the more money you make. I also pay WELL OVER 50% TAX when you add up FEDERAL, STATE and MUNICIPALITY taxes. So tell me WHY do others DESERVE what I have dedicated my life to creating? I thought Wealth should be EARNED not distributed…

Do we ask Corporations to give up 50% of the Profit? No! Instead what is happening is the 1% that is being so demonized, who by the way are YOUR hometown doctors, contractors, medium sized business owners like landscapers, plumbers, lawyers etc… are now paying the VAST Majority of the taxes.

Let me paint the Principle at work here in this picture:
Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer, dedicated his LIFE to the mastery of one sport and won the MOST Olympic gold medals ever. Now, is it too much??? Based on the DISTRIBUTING of WEALTH philosophy, he does not NEED all those medals, he should give the medals he does not need to lesser athletes. And those lesser athletes–would they feel the thrill or pride of the accomplishment? No, they would KNOW it was given to them. And over time, generation after generation, if we keep doing that we breed a sense of ENTITLEMENT and not the principles of discipline, determination and courage. You can see this at work in many areas of government “support”, which is funded by the tax payer.

I am ALL FOR A HAND UP… but I detest HAND OUTS!

IF EVERYBODY pitched in???
What would a revolution of  “I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” vs. “YOU OWE ME”  look like???
What is so vitally IMPORTANT to REALIZE is, it’s the 1% OF THE 1% that EXPLOITS the rest….
If you are getting a TAX RETURN at the End of the YEAR, you are part of the PROBLEM! PERIOD
That goes for the Lower Class, Lower Middle Class and the ELITE RICH & CORPORATIONS.
I am ALL for a revolution, it starts with the Inconvenient truth, not the CONVENIENT sort.


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