The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #6

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The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #6

Age is inevitable, Aging is preventable

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~ Mark Twain

None of us are getting out of this life alive, so each day that we are here matters. Mark Twain had it right again, how you feel about yourself & your life has a direct impact on how “old” you feel, hence the coined phrase “young at heart”. Focus less on the fact you circled the sun again, and more on what you can do with that time.

As I write this I am flying to a beautiful destination to spend time with some old friends and make new ones, but I am also an unwilling eaves dropper on a conversation directly in the seats behind me. A lady in her 60s is complaining about all of her health issues, High blood pressure, back pain, excessive sweating, fatigue and being sick all the time. I can imagine it is pretty hard to feel young at heart when you are dealing with all that right!!?

Are these conditions a NORMAL part of getting older? Many of you just answered YES in your head. However, I challenge that.

Eliminate salt from your diet and your blood pressure, weight and other issues will decrease.
~ The amount of salt our body ACTUALLY NEEDS is 150 – 500 mg
~ The recommended amount of daily sodium is 1500 mg
~The average American ingests well over 3,400 mg!!!!!

Eliminate Sugar and you will drop excess fat and have a stronger immune system
~ High Fructose Corn Syrup is metabolized in the liver and is converted directly to fat
~ 1 tsp of sugar depresses the immune system for 11 hours
~There are 8 tsp of sugar in 1 can of soda pop.
~ The recommended amount of daily sugar intake is 6 grams.
~The average American ingests 22.7 grams! No wonder North Americans are obese and sick!
Source: National Geographic

Exercise regularly and you will keep your bones and tissues healthy, keeping you strong and upright.

We will all age, but how well we take care of ourselves will determine how gracefully. I plan on enjoying ALL of my years around the sun, and so at an early age I decided to eat for my life.
I hope you do too.

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