The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #1

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The WISDOM of Mark Twain ~ 7 Life Lessons to Live By; #1

MARK TWAIN, is best known as a classic American Author…writing books such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. He also happened to have many wise – and often funny – quotes.

In this Blog Series, we will be covering 7 of Mark Twain’s BEST quotes about Life.

The first Quote is foundational for a life of inner peace and confidence… SELF APPROVAL.

“A man CANNOT be comfortable without his own approval.” ~ Mark Twain

Here are a few Clues to see if you struggle with Self-Approval…

When you look in the mirror in the morning… have you ever decided on another outfit because someone may not approve…?

Do you go to a social gathering out of guilt & obligation because of what others might think if you didn’t attend…?

Do you hesitate to speak about your Network Marketing Business, because of what your friends and family may think…?

When you are out and some great music comes on, do you stop yourself from singing or dancing because of what those around you may think…?

If you base your decisions and action on “what others might think”, chances are you experience a lot of discomfort in your personal and professional life.

Understand it is HUMAN nature to be concerned about what others think–and that feelings, thoughts or concerns associated with this may never go away.

However, when it becomes unhealthy & damaging is when it stops you from doing what makes you happy and achieving your goals, dreams and passions.

Approve of yourself, who you are and what you want from life and you will be happy & fulfilled.

As my husband Doug Nelson always says; “Do what makes you feel good about yourself”

See you next week for another life Lesson from Mark Twain!

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