The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program

Are you sick and tired worrying about your finances, never seeming to get ahead?

Do you have more month left than money?

Do you manage your money, or is your money managing you?

Being in debt SUCKS.  It creates stress and anxiety, and even worse, you can NEVER be financially free if you have debt. You are not only a slave to a job, but to the bills, creditors and interest!

Nobody should have to live with debt.

Our Catch Fire University DEBT PROFESSOR Simon Cornelius knows about debt from firsthand experience.  He had years and years of a debt fueled lifestyle. Nobody taught him how to manage money, NOBODY. One day after years of DENIAL, he realized how much RISK he and his family were in with all the debt they had created. He needed to do something about it, so with research, planning and discipline, he became totally and utterly debt free, including his home. He now has a passion for assisting others in doing the same.

Using the proven systems and software SIMON has created YOU can do this too!

The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program will:

  • Provide easy to use Software that will assist you in creating a Debt Free life!
  • Teach you the money management habits of successful debt free people.
  • Show you how to abolish your bad money habits FOREVER.
  • Learn practical and easy solutions for CRUSHING DEBT.
  • Create a roadmap to total DEBT FREEDOM and become excited about your debt free lifestyle..


The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program INCLUDES:

  • 4 Customized debt coaching sessions with CFU’s Debt Professor,
    Simon Cornelius.

Simon will help you get clarity with your finances by identifying your supportive and non-supportive money habits.

Imagine the feeling of FREEDOM that comes with being Debt Free.

If you are ready to make a change in your financial future RIGHT NOW then take advantage of these proven systems and expert Debt Coaching!

$124 per month for 4 months will not only Jump-start your success with specific strategies that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY, but it will ENSURE you implement, maintain and master the Habits required for living a DEBT FREE life!!

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Learn more about our Catch Fire University’s DEBT PROFESSOR Simon Cornelius!