Here’s What Others Have to Say…

Here at Catch Fire University one of the mottos we are quite known for is “Measure, Monitor, and Adjust.” So,  we’re consistently asking for honest feedback because there’s always room to grow and without growth there’s no success.  To our delight, to date we’ve had some pretty amazing comments sent to us by readers and students alike.  Here’s just a few we’d like to share: 

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Testimonial for the Associates Degree

~Dave K.;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“I wanted to thank CFU, Melanie and Doug for contributing to my financial goals and more importantly my money mindset.
In May 2013 I graduated the Associates Degree Program. It is an AMAZING course. I could take it again and get more out of it i am sure! Every single time, EVERY TIME… i sat down to listen to or do an assignment, i took action immediately! I made soooooooo many changes within the course, it amazed even me.

It is now November 2013 and last week i paid off over $22,500 of debt!.. in one payment!
I will be paying off another $20,000 within 2 months.
I never would have thought CFU could have changed so much ABOUT me… not just my finances.. and I am proud of my new beliefs, I am proud that they are clearly working.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have taken CFU and to you and Doug for providing me with the tools i didn’t know i was missing. thank you, thank you.. a million times over.

P.S. It is nearly impossible to make me cry, so it is a bold statement to you guys when I tell you… my eyes well up just thinking about my new found beliefs, wealth and BREAKING FREE of my old beliefs and debt.”


~Julie Peace;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“Hi Doug and Melanie,

In the year since I took the CFU Associate’s Degree our net financial worth has quadrupled, our expected mortgage amortization has dropped from 12 years to 4, our credit cards have gone from a perpetual maxed-zeroed-maxed yo-yo to being zeroed and staying that way even when our income dropped for months because my husband was in school. The teachings I received in the CFU Associate’s degree helped form a solid foundation that is allowing us to not only have savings and investments, but to go out and have fun, too!”


~Cheryl Pauchuk;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“When I experience a live training with Doug Nelson I was motivated. Then I read his book Catch Fire and I got MAD and my motivation level went up. And then I signed up for your Free Associates Degree and my level of irritation and MOTIVATION to be financially free is vibrating at an entirely new frequency.
You have helped me turn up my thermostat!!!! Thank you, thank you, & thank you!”



~Megha Rodriquez;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“The CFU Associates Degree picks up where a lot of the “I know that” leaves off – with a community of fellow students as well as Doug and Melanie’s passion and commitment it makes it a very supportive environment to strengthen my financial muscle. What I like most is that unlike many financial learning formats the authentic, down-to-earth, outside-the-box approach keeps me looking forward to what we will learn and be asked to do next.”



~Margaret Jacobs;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“Thank you Catch Fire University for everything you and your team have done to make this an effective experience for me. I love how interactive the Associates Degree was! I find it impactful compared to other courses, books, seminars, etc…I have done. Excellent work!”



~Kevin Mook;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The CFU Associates Degree has been a very enriching experience and I truly appreciate it.”




~Alexandra Barrett;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“I am truly grateful, deeply appreciative of the direction of the CFU Associates Online Program and how much help it has given me thus far. There were many benefits, but most specifically impactful to my familys budget and long term plans. I really appreciate the clarity I have gotten around this financial issue as the Curriculum progressed. Thanks to Doug and Melanie for all of your passion, experience, and wisdom shared. You Are Awesome!”



~Ashley Bolivar;
Testimonial for the Associates Degree

“What Doug and Melanie have created at CFU is truly amazing. Just the assignment from one of the modules in the Associates program has given me such clear focus, determination and a sense of passion that I had just about given up on. NO MORE!
I AM unshackled from the chains that held me back from living my life with a sense of purpose, meaning and passion. AND this is just the beginning!

Doug and Melanie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have created, pouring yourselves into CFU and the success of each student, doing so with a servants heart so that people like me can be financially free, own their lives and live life with no boundaries. Love and Gratitude, Ashley Bolivar, Bartlett IL

P.S. The relationships that are being forged within the CFU community are priceless.”


Testimonial for the Bachelors / Masters Degree


~ Karen Tora Lee;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“I am so happy to have been participated in the Bachelors & Masters Program, it really did turn out to be much more than I could ever have imagined and what I take away from it really is, absolutely priceless.
As each day goes by it becomes more and more apparent how valuable those lessons were and are, the course is genius! In truth, words cannot do it justice. Thank you”



~Eduardo Julio, Florida;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“It is not easy to describe what I learned with CFU. This is the best course I have taken in my life. This program not only taught me how to improve my personal life, but also how can I grow my business. This course was critical for me to understand my real financial situation. I also discovered several personal issues that I was not aware of that were holding me back. I got irritated but the most important thing is that I have taken actions to achieve financial freedom in the next couple years.

This was an amazing experience. Normally when you take a course, you get really motivated about what you learned but after a few weeks you do nothing with it. With The CFU Master and Bachelor degree you implement, practice and share with your group so you really put in practice what you have learned. This really made a change in my life. I implemented my financial budget, and put together my plans to be financially free in the next five years!! Thank you CFU for teaching me the tools to achieve financial freedom.”



~Helen McCormick, Michigan;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“Catch Fire University and the profound format it was created on, helped me conquer paralyzing fears I had carried around with me for most of my life. Doug, Melanie and their entire staff exemplifies passion and commitment with their Servants Hearts guiding students to be open and recognize our own power. My personal experience was TRANSFORMATIONAL, changing my thoughts, attitude and actions about my future and ALL my possibilities FOREVER.

Catch Fire’s AMAZING Online Course, student teamwork and experiential learning revealed the key and unleashed the shackles. I control of my future and Financial Freedom. Doug and Melanie are Authentic, Beautiful people and a BLESSING to Humanity.

PS: If you are reading this testimony you are searching… If not NOW the When? Catch Fire!

Love and Gratitude ~Helen”



~Ashley Bolivar, Illinois;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“I’ve been sitting on this for a few days trying to sum up EVERYTHING that CFU has done for me and my family. It’s virtually impossible to put it all into words: CFU Associates program took me from frustration to foundation.

The Bachelors and Masters has taken me from foundation to freedom! It has given me real everyday actions that guarantee that I will hit the goals that I have set for me in my life. As a husband & father of four children the oldest one year away from college, I had no idea how I was going to put him through college. Now I not only know how and what I have to do, but I also have a real plan to accomplish the rest of our familys goals. Thank you CFU for teaching me and giving me the tools to navigate through what I had always seen as a turbulent and confusing path.”



~Dr. Steve Ventola, Atlanta;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“The CFU Bachelor’s and Master’s program sets the stage to give you the awareness and capability to open up to the skills and capacities you have for your success in business and as a person. It is the most comprehensive financial and growth oriented class I have ever taken. ”



~Patrick Tsang, Chicago;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“The CFU Bachelor’s and Master’s programs didn’t just teach me the skills I need to be a great leader and team player, but more importantly they also prepared me to be mentally ready to take on any challenges I may face along the journey. I now have the courage and proper attitude to thrive in any environment in life. Thank you CFU!”



~Karen Brooks, California;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“Being a graduate of the CFU Bachelor and Master courses has given me more tools in my toolbox. I did not know what I did not know until I took these courses.
Now I feel more empowered in my personal and professional life and with my business.
Thank you to the entire CFU staff.”



~Christopher Cole, Illinois;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“One of the most valuable things I have learned in taking the Catch Fire University Online Course; is that I CAN count on others to do what they promise to do, especially when I surround myself with like minded people.
The members of my CFU class are showing me that by trusting them, I’m learning to trust myself, and that’s always been one of the hardest things to do. Thank you, CFU!”



~ Marsha LeCour, Ontario, Canada;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“The CFU Bachelor and Master’s courses have provided me with practical tools and strategies to set and achieve my goals with confidence.
The courses are structured in such a way that the ongoing support empowers one to move forward with bigger dreams and the means to achieve them.”



~Stormy Davis, Georgia;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“CFU has helped change my life in so many positive ways. The insight and support of the CFU staff has been phenomenal and the revolutionary approach of the Bachelors and Masters Courses has launched me on an awesome journey in creating a more empowered, rewarding, profitable and enjoyable life. CFU has truly been a blessing.”



~Melissa Lundgren, Nashville;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“CFU has helped me conquer fears that use to paralyze me from moving forward because of my old stories around money, the economy, retirement, and my future. Its teachings and coaching staff has helped me to become brutally honest and aware of where I am fiancially and more importantly eliminated the excuses and avoidance that was holding me back, all in a safe and fun learning environment. I find I have more confidence to do things I never imagined I could before. Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me to stretch, grow, and learn. With all the tools I now have, not only am I implementing changes in my own life, but now I have it within me to give to others who need help finding their way, like I did.”



~Tom Davis, Georgia;
Testimonial for the Bachelors/Masters Degree  

“Life Changing! The CFU Bachelor and Masters Program has completely changed the course of my life for the better! Thanks to the entire CFU staff for sharing all their knowledge and support!”




Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy:”


~Mara Gurevitz;
Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy”

“Doug and Melanie! You lit a fire under me and in return for that, I promise to keep it burning.”




~Shehana Torcellini;
Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy”

“To my shock and amazement, when I read the word budget in the book I didn’t slam the book closed. In the past I would have never finished reading it but I loved this book; it was REAL.’


~Britt Hall;
Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy”

“I’ve read a few books for self help and they all should have been titled, after you reach this point then use self help but Doug’s Catch Fire book however greets you exactly where you’re at in life and shows you a system that’ll get you where you want to be. I’ve sent at least five different people the money and website to get the Catch Fire book.”



~Jane Euell;
Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy”

“Doug Nelson’s Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy book was priceless! Not only was it was easy to read, but full of practical, useful advice. It made me wonder why we aren’t taught these concepts early in life; it sure would eliminate a lot of unnecessary suffering!!!!”



~Christopher Cole;
Testimonial for the book “Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy”

“When I heard about Doug Nelson’s new book, Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy I was intrigued! Having the honor of hearing Doug’s story firsthand, I knew he has a powerful personal economy, and that he was not only committed to helping others achieve personal growth, but also a dynamic speaker and storyteller. I thought, “This is something I gotta read! When the book came in the mail I was not disappointed at all. Put together equal parts irritation and inspiration, along with seasonings of humor and fact, and you get this educational and entertaining book.”