Jump Start your Journey to Freedom!

Do YOU have WHAT IT TAKES to create your freedom?

On one side you have where you are at now, on the other you have freedom. The distance between these two realities can be summarized by one word.


Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, therefore if you are trapped by debt or your own fears… you cannot continue doing as you always have and expect to find freedom!

Change has two different but equally important parts:

1. Education – The ‘What and How to’s’

2. Support –To Implement and stick to it!

Catch Fire University’s Master Coach Brad Freeman has been supporting our students to effectively integrate our concepts, principals and directions into their lives and unique circumstances since it’s launch!  His unique perspective, understanding and skills have been created over years of experience supporting people to create what the desire in life, which is why he is our Faculty Coach.

With Brad’s expert coaching students have:

  • Become CLEAR of what they truly want!
  • Create MOTIVATION to do what needs to be done!
  •  Built high amounts of sustainable MOMENTUM!
  •  Identified the negative beliefs that hold them back.
  •  Found PEACE with the past
  • Become ACCOUNTABLE to themselves for their results
  • Managed their energy in new ways to become WAY more PRODUCTIVE & FOCUSED.
  • Dealt with their sabotaging and resistant behaviors that froze their progress

This type of support is hard to find!

It is the difference between the chains of mediocrity and the wings of freedom.


The JUMP START COACHING PACKAGE will be the support you need to move forward!

  • Three 45 min ‘one on one sessions’ with Master Coach Brad Freeman

This is for people who have a DESIRE to create a better life for themselves and NOT a quick fix…

This is for people READY to be honest and go to work!

Let’s be honest, whatever you have been doing in the past isn’t working! Your freedom is no closer today than it was yesterday so do something different.

The Jump Start Coaching package is offered to new clients at $299.

(Includes all 3 sessions)
Support of this QUALITY is not available everywhere and not at this price.

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