HOLIDAY SPENDING is JANUARY’s CREDIT CARD BILL; THREE TIPS to getting the BIGGEST Bang for your Buck every year.

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HOLIDAY SPENDING is JANUARY’s CREDIT CARD BILL; THREE TIPS to getting the BIGGEST Bang for your Buck every year.

It is SOOOO easy to get caught up in the Holiday Spending. From the hot deals and bargains that entice, to the food, decorations and of course the presents. January is a painful month for most people; the dreaded Credit Card statement shows up and it is at least a month or two of paying interest fees to get that sucker paid off. Sound Familiar?

The thing is the holidays come around EVERY YEAR and even at the exact same time!!! So if it is PREDICTABLE it is PREVENTABLE!!
Here are 3 fool proof tips that will get you through each year without cursing the holiday season in January; ‘cause let’s face it, GIVING isn’isn’t GIVING if it hurts you or if it is just to maintain an image.

1. ACTUALLY PLAN FOR IT EACH YEAR: Start a SAVINGS Account TODAY! It is simple and easy. Go to your Bank, set up an additional Savings account and then set up an automated monthly deposit from your checking account. Make it $25, $50 or $500…depends on you and your Budget.

Just $50 a month automatically into that savings account gives you $600 at Christmas time!

2. ADJUST YOUR MINDSET: It is NOT A COMPETITION! Who gives the most presents, who spends the most… and giving out of obligation is not giving at all.
The holiday season is about Gratitude, Giving and Forgiving. So make it count! Thoughtfulness is far more powerful than a new sweater, coffee machine, tool set etc…
A Secret Santa or Gift Exchange is a great way for each person to be extra thoughtful with ONE person.

3. ONLINE SHOPPING is where it is at!                       
It saves you TIME, GAS MONEY and you get GREAT DEALS delivered to your door!
How awesome is that!?

So with the $600 you SAVED, use the Credit Card anyway so you get POINTS or rewards, PAY it off right away and get the MOST Bang for your BUCK!
THIS SITE Auto-fills ALL the great ONLINE deals and Coupons at your favorite Stores.
It is connected to over 4,000 retailers online.
It has the best comparison, search and cash back rewards system of any online retailer!
No goofy membership or fees!
If your gonna SPEND, SPEND SMART!!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Catch Fire University.
We love and appreciate you! 

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