Who are you listening to??

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Who are you listening to??

Think about it, who are you listening to?


Greetings everyone!

A recent post I saw on Facebook has inspired today’s Blog… This recent post reminded me of a rule I live by that has served me VERY well and has been a BIG part of why I have been so successful.

My RULE: “I do not take advice from those that are not qualified to give it”.

Let me explain…Everyone has opinions, opinions are great and fine and we are all entitled to share our opinions…it’s a free world!
Maybe I am surprised because I was and am the person who is always asking those questions. When I was beginning my journey to Financial Freedom I purposely went out to educate myself and get advice from people that had what I wanted.When it comes to advice that will affect my life, I only seek out or listen to advice from those that walk the talk and have experience in their field; a PROVEN track record if you will. I only take health advice from those that are healthier than me; I only take business or marketing advice from those more successful than me. What often surprises me is how LITTLE Melanie and I are asked “how did you do it?” How do you get to live the lifestyle you live?”

I remember very clearly the first multi-millionaire I ever met. His name was Roger. Roger was down to earth, sincere and consistent. He became an unknowing mentor of mine. Every week I saw Roger, I loved asking him what he was up to and what he thought of current events, business and investing. I basically studied him. He didn’t know it but Roger helped me more than he can even know.
For several years after I invested my time and money in educating myself in business, marketing and finances. And no, not from a Professors at a University with a job earning them a $60-90,000/yr income, but from those who had made millions through business, marketing and financial planning.


Another simple example; when I lived in Dallas I was looking for a local Chiropractor I could start seeing regularly. I found one close by so I booked an appointment. One look at the doctor you could see he was extremely unhealthy. I canceled my appointment and walked out. How can I expect someone to give me health advice that does not follow their own?? To me it is a matter of INTEGRITY!

Unfortunately most people take money advice from their broke family and friends. Most people take life advice from those who are comfortably miserable and most take health advice from the 30 sec commercial about the newest fat burning pill promising amazing results.

SO THE MILLION DOLLAR question is… who are you listening to? Who or what are you following? Who is giving you advice? What type of education are you getting? Is it REALLY heading you in the direction of your goals?

Dougism: “You WILL BE EDUCATED…the question is by whom?”

On the other side of the coin…If you are looking to create your own financial freedom by pronouncing yourself to be some sort of expert and want to be taken seriously you better have the qualifications to do so. In upcoming Blog I will talk about the ONE crucial thing YOUR NEED in order to do just this successfully.

Personally, qualifications doesn’t necessarily mean a degree or piece of paper to me, I am more concerned in the TANGIBLE results someone has created consistently. The only way to be a genuine success is to first help yourself, change YOUR LIFE, and THEN teach others to do what you have done! There is also the refreshing concept of just being honest and asking people to join you on the JOURNEY to creating your desired results!  Hey, hey, are you listening?

Douglas S Nelson ~ Co-Founder of Catch Fire University and Author of "Catch Fire: How to Ignite Your Own Economy" is a financially free entrepreneur that has trained thousands the steps to create financial freedom in their own lives.
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