Competition is getting a bad rap!

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Competition is getting a bad rap!

Why is Competition getting a bad rap?

Does it really help our kids, our society, our country or our culture!?

For us here at CFU, it is all in how you FRAME or and USE it.

The way we frame it, it helps build BELIEF & LIFTS MORAL.
It serves as VALIDATION of what we are doing and HOW we are doing it!
It shows everyone the proper, correct or efficient way of doing things.
It rewards behavior, habits & disciplines that moves us forward as people, a team, and society.

A pro athlete is a PRO because of the habits of commitment, discipline & dedication to practice, that SHOULD be celebrated.
Just like a gifted pianist, painter, sales person or ceo.
Why should we down play or dismiss achievement?
What does this teach us… for all of us to be MEDIOCRE?
I do NOT want to see what we will look like as a culture or country when we don’t celebrate what is GREAT.

Competition is what has drove our species to evolve.
Doug Nelson says “Competition is what makes us better. Or get used to receiving participation ribbons”.
Competition doesn’t mean someone LOSES or is put down, it is FEEDBACK. Feedback on where to improve. Anyone can take that feedback and decide to get better. It is a personal choice to take it personally and give up OR use it to become stronger.
Sometimes it is feedback to move on to other things… A “this isn’t your cup of tea or gift…” message from the universe.
It’s not personal, it’s life and God directing us subtly or not so subtly to where we ought to be, or where we need to focus.

If we do win often, it is no excuse NOT to get better and more efficient at what we do and raise our PERSONAL bar higher, each of us owners of our own destiny.
Doug and I often have TOUGH conversations about what we have been doing well, but what we can do differently or better. What can we do to grow and evolve.

I personally, dare not sit on my laurels and say it’s good enough. I am where I am TODAY because I strive to be better ALL the time, and take pride and celebrate the moments that, that principle is displayed in my life for me to appreciate and even when it for others to see.

Mediocrity is when I sit on my own sidelines justifying my actions or inactions.

GROWTH comes from my own Competition with myself to keep BEING better each day.
Most days I fail, but I live by it and the results show.

~ In Love
Melanie Nelson

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