We may provide ONLINE courses here at Catch Fire University, but we are HIGHLY interactive to ensure you get the MOST our of our programs.

The other way in which we support you is by providing you COACHING in to TWO AREAS that will propel you towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


As taught in the #1 Best selling Book “Catch fire How to Ignite Your Own Economy” and our Associates Degree…


Simon Cornelius Our CFU Debt Professor provides his coaching, expertise and Software to assist you in creating a DEBT FREE life! By teaching you SOLID money Management habits and systems to ensure you create freedom faster and more effectively.


Our Master CFU Coach Brad Freeman provides his coaching and expertise in becoming the most powerful and fulfilled version of yourself. You are your GREATEST asset! He will assist you in creating and finding your own strategies for Freedom and most importantly stay accountable to taking the necessary action towards creating the Freedom and life you deserve!

“You cannot solve a PROBLEM with the SAME mind that CREATED it” ~Albert Einstein

If you are NOT where you want to be in life or Financially it is time to get the EXPERT SUPPORT offered here at Catch Fire University.


CFU Coaches are not financial advisers and cannot give investment advice.  Success with the program is highly dependent upon actions of the purchaser, as under the direction of the CFU Coach. Individual results may vary and success with the program cannot be guaranteed.


The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program

Are you sick and tired worrying about your finances, never seeming to get ahead?

Do you have more month left than money?

Do you manage your money, or is your money managing you?

Being in debt SUCKS.  It creates stress and anxiety, and even worse, you can NEVER be financially free if you have debt. You are not only a slave to a job, but to the bills, creditors and interest!

Nobody should have to live with debt.

Our Catch Fire University DEBT PROFESSOR Simon Cornelius knows about debt from firsthand experience.  He had years and years of a debt fueled lifestyle. Nobody taught him how to manage money, NOBODY. One day after years of DENIAL, he realized how much RISK he and his family were in with all the debt they had created. He needed to do something about it, so with research, planning and discipline, he became totally and utterly debt free, including his home. He now has a passion for assisting others in doing the same.

Using the proven systems and software SIMON has created YOU can do this too!

The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program will:

  • Provide easy to use Software that will assist you in creating a Debt Free life!
  • Teach you the money management habits of successful debt free people.
  • Show you how to abolish your bad money habits FOREVER.
  • Learn practical and easy solutions for CRUSHING DEBT.
  • Create a roadmap to total DEBT FREEDOM and become excited about your debt free lifestyle..


The DEBTinator Intensive Coaching Program INCLUDES:

  • 4 Customized debt coaching sessions with CFU’s Debt Professor,
    Simon Cornelius.

Simon will help you get clarity with your finances by identifying your supportive and non-supportive money habits.

Imagine the feeling of FREEDOM that comes with being Debt Free.

If you are ready to make a change in your financial future RIGHT NOW then take advantage of these proven systems and expert Debt Coaching!

$124 per month for 4 months will not only Jump-start your success with specific strategies that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY, but it will ENSURE you implement, maintain and master the Habits required for living a DEBT FREE life!!

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Learn more about our Catch Fire University’s DEBT PROFESSOR Simon Cornelius!


Jump Start your Journey to Freedom!

Do YOU have WHAT IT TAKES to create your freedom?

On one side you have where you are at now, on the other you have freedom. The distance between these two realities can be summarized by one word.


Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, therefore if you are trapped by debt or your own fears… you cannot continue doing as you always have and expect to find freedom!

Change has two different but equally important parts:

1. Education – The ‘What and How to’s’

2. Support –To Implement and stick to it!

Catch Fire University’s Master Coach Brad Freeman has been supporting our students to effectively integrate our concepts, principals and directions into their lives and unique circumstances since it’s launch!  His unique perspective, understanding and skills have been created over years of experience supporting people to create what the desire in life, which is why he is our Faculty Coach.

With Brad’s expert coaching students have:

  • Become CLEAR of what they truly want!
  • Create MOTIVATION to do what needs to be done!
  •  Built high amounts of sustainable MOMENTUM!
  •  Identified the negative beliefs that hold them back.
  •  Found PEACE with the past
  • Become ACCOUNTABLE to themselves for their results
  • Managed their energy in new ways to become WAY more PRODUCTIVE & FOCUSED.
  • Dealt with their sabotaging and resistant behaviors that froze their progress

This type of support is hard to find!

It is the difference between the chains of mediocrity and the wings of freedom.


The JUMP START COACHING PACKAGE will be the support you need to move forward!

  • Three 45 min ‘one on one sessions’ with Master Coach Brad Freeman

This is for people who have a DESIRE to create a better life for themselves and NOT a quick fix…

This is for people READY to be honest and go to work!

Let’s be honest, whatever you have been doing in the past isn’t working! Your freedom is no closer today than it was yesterday so do something different.

The Jump Start Coaching package is offered to new clients at $299.

(Includes all 3 sessions)
Support of this QUALITY is not available everywhere and not at this price.

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Learn more about our Catch Fire University’s CFU Master Coach Brad Freeman!