The Catch Fire Founders: Doug & Melanie Nelson

Millionaire Mind

Doug Nelson: # 1 Best Selling Author, International Trainer & Entrepreneur


Doug Nelson’s story is a quintessential rags-to-riches journey. His experience as a child growing up in poverty became the catalyst that made him decide he would create his own wealth and freedom.
At 23, Doug started the first of many successful businesses. By age 34, he was completely financially free. Later that year Doug lived through an event that would forever change his life — he was in a serious natural gas explosion. Coming back from the brink of death and spending a year in rehabilitation, Doug realized the power of his unique financial situation. His passion and his mission became teaching people “How to Ignite their Own Economy” so that no matter what happens in their life they are financially bulletproof.

His first book “Catch Fire” went to #1 its first day out and he is one of the most dynamic trainers on the planet today. Doug has taught tens of thousands of students internationally the principals and skills of creating Financial Freedom.

Melanie Nelson: # 1 Best Selling Author, International Trainer & Entrepreneur


Financially free at 26, Melanie Nelson is a woman who decided at a young age never to shy away from a challenge! Starting her first of several successful businesses right out of college, she continues to build an empire today.  A mentor and example to thousands, she is known for her passion, drive and energy.

A star on stage, Melanie has trained internationally for one of the largest personal and financial growth companies in the world. She is now the President of Ignite Promotions and contributes her business savvy, expertise and passion to helping others achieve their dreams.

She is a fierce advocate for children, animals and the planet! Her favorite causes being Make-A-Wish Foundation, Humane Society and Conservation International.

She is known for saying; “The only difference between your dreams and making them a reality is a plan of action and sticking to it”.

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