The Doctorate Degree can ONLY be taken when one has completed
and graduated from the Bachelors & Masters Degree


The Doctorate Degree is all about IMPLEMENTATION & TRANSFORMATION!

It focuses more on the INDIVIDUAL student & their needs within their own life and business.

It is a combination of a 6 week online Curriculum and a LIVE Event.

At the LIVE event you will spend a few days with only a handful of other students and the Founders of Melanie & Doug Nelson; Best Selling Authors, International Trainers, Financially Free Entrepreneurs

It is difficult to put the PhD into words, it is simply indescribable!

You will Experience:

  • Integration of improved Marketing
  • Integration of improved Organization
  • The power of a Leap of Faith
  • The key to being a CONSTANT Achiever
  • And much, much, more!


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