Meet The Faculty

The experts that make up our Catch Fire University faculty are passionate about sharing their expertise and insights to help others break out of their personal financial prison and become financially free.


Faculty Member Mr. Money; Mark Rothstein

Known to millions of radio listeners across the USA as “Mr. Money,” Mark Rothstein is widely recognized as one of the Country’s top Certified Financial Planners and Income Tax Specialists. His career in personal finance and investment-related fields spans over 27 years.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Mark is the Founder and President of TriStar Financial Services, one of the largest wealth management firms in Los Angeles. He has been featured on NBC nightly news and is a frequent guest commentator on Fox Business Channel. He was recognized as one of the top financial planners in the United States in both 2008 and 2009 by the Research Council of America, a respected peer review group for the financial industry.

His number one passion in life is teaching people about their money: “Everybody can become educated and with this knowledge become rich,” he says. He leads a three-day intensive money seminar. His students graduate with their entire financial life in order and structured for massive wealth creation. Visit his web site at



Faculty Member Stewart Welch III

Stewart is the author of several books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Rich, J.K. Lasser’s New Rules for Estate and Tax Planning, and the 10 Minute Guide to Personal Finances for Newlyweds.

His financial expertise has drawn national attention and he is often sought out by the national media for his opinions. He has appeared on CNN , CNBC and Fox News as well as hosting his own show, “Welch Profiles: Personal Success Stories” where he interviewed such notables as legendary investor and author Jimmy Rogers and Stephen Forbes, Editor of Forbes magazine. He has been quoted in, among other publications, The Wall Street Journal, Money, Forbes, Kiplinger, The New York Times, Smart Money and Worth. You can find out more about Stewart by visiting his website at




Faculty Members Dino & Shannon Watt

Trainer, Speaker, Author, Master Marriage Mentors & Entrepreneurs!

Dino and Shannon Watt have a deep passion for helping people enhance their marriage. Throughout the last 17 years of marriage, along with raising three children, they have developed specific systems in their relationship with the purpose of improving marriages and families.

Taking their unique approach of translating basic principles and systems used by successful companies and incorporating them into marriage, they developed The Business of Marriage. Dino and Shannon are contributing authors to the Catch Fire Book as well as to the Catch Fire University Programs!

The Business of Marriage training teaches couples useable tools that they can incorporate immediately. Their fresh ideas on communication, intimacy and money matters create an empowering environment. With the absence of diagnosing, blaming or complaining, these systems help couples achieve maximum passion and enthusiasm for their marriage.

If you are looking for an insightful, informal, and highly entertaining approach to enhancing your marriage, The Business of Marriage training is full of fantastic information that will increase your understanding and love—no matter the status of your relationship.

Learn More about “For Love & Money: A Course for couples in Business.  Click Here.



Faculty Member Brad Freeman

Brad’s journey towards self awareness and fulfillment started many years ago when he realized that there must be more to life than Monday to Friday, 9-5, Saturday and Sunday, rest and repeat. He began to consume as many self development products as he could that covered areas of happiness, relationships, wealth, health and many more.

Along the way another realization came to him. His success at achieving fulfillment and abundance would only be complete if he had others to share it with. From then on he committed himself to using his abilities of objectivity, neutrality, inspiration and genuine compassion to support others towards their dreams. To increase his ability to support even more people, he started Ascendancy Coaching.

Trained as a certified Jump Start Coach with an Alberta based development company and being a basic Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner, Brad is able to ask the better questions that move people to solutions or affirmative actions that propel them to success. His ability to truly “coach”, empowers and guides his clients to reaching places within themselves they didn’t know existed and in turn achieving more, feeling better and wasting much less time. You can easily contact Brad at the following address:

Find out how you can Jump Start your success with Brad, Click Here.



Faculty Member Simon Cornelius

Simon Cornelius was born & raised in England. As a teenager, he became very enamored with the American lifestyle portrayed on TV. One of his dreams was to move to the US and live a life of luxury, and a “larger-than-life” lifestyle. After graduating with an engineering degree, getting a prestigious job and making more money than most of his friends, Simon was presented an opportunity to relocate to South Florida – he took it!

Even though he had a “good job” and was living “the good life” as a single guy, he quickly found himself running out of money before the month had finished, Over the next decade, he had his house foreclosed upon, almost had a car repossessed and had saved just few a thousand dollars in the bank. How could a well educated person making a good salary not be able to figure this money thing out?

It took a dot com bubble burst and the threat of layoffs to force him into action. Over the course of the next several years, he studied and practiced everything he could about personal finance; what worked, what didn’t and what was a waste of time! Through consistent effort and discipline, the six figure mountain of debt that Simon and his family had amassed was obliterated, and they became totally and utterly debt free, including their mortgage.

This feeling of freedom inspired Simon to teach others the principles and provide real tools to achieve the same goal of being Debt Free! Everything Simon teaches is from experience and from the heart. His compassion comes from his desire to educate and inspire others to live a debt free life.

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Founder Melanie Nelson

Financially free at 26, Melanie Nelson is a woman who decided at a young age never to shy away from a challenge! Starting her first of several successful businesses right out of college, she continues to build an empire today. A mentor and example to thousands, she is known for her passion, drive and energy.

A star on stage, Melanie has trained internationally for one of the largest personal and financial growth companies in the world. She is now the President of Ignite Promotions and contributes her business savvy, expertise and passion to helping others achieve their dreams.

She is a fierce advocate for children, animals and the planet! Her favorite causes being Make-A-Wish Foundation, Humane Society and Conservation International.
She is known for saying; “The only difference between your dreams and making them a reality is a plan of action and sticking to it”.



Founder Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson’s story is a quintessential rags-to-riches journey. His experience as a child growing up in poverty became the catalyst that made him decide he would create his own wealth and freedom. When he was 23, Doug started the first of many successful businesses. By age 34, he was completely financially free.

At 35, Doug lived through an event that would forever change his life – he was in a serious natural gas explosion.

Coming back from the brink of death and spending a year in rehabilitation, Doug realized the power of his unique financial situation. His passion and his mission became teaching people ”How to Ignite their Own Economy” so that no matter what happens in their life they are financially bulletproof.

He is an International trainer and speaker, #1 Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur.

Doug currently resides in northern Minnesota with his wife Melanie and two dogs Cash and Prosper.