Catch Fire University

“Please note that Catch Fire University is not an accredited University. You will not receive a diploma or degree from completing this online curriculum. You may, however, be FAR more equipped for financial freedom than if you went to a traditional university” –Doug Nelson

Catch Fire University provides

We offer many programs that range in length and content such as:


Our SPECIALTY Programs:

The Million Dollar Offer Intensive:
The Science of Selling from Stage, creating an offer that actually sells.

For Love & Money:
A course for Couples in Business Together

Network Marketing Intensive:
Systemize your Network Marketing Biz and Team to create lasting Residual Income!


Our CORE Programs are separated into DEGREES
(each is a prerequisite to the next):

The Associates

The Bachelors & Masters

The PhD



The CFU ALUMNI Membership: Created Exclusively for graduates of any of our CFU Courses to provide ongoing support, education, motivation, webinars and community!

Social Media Essentials Membership: Created Exclusively for the grads of our SME program to assist them on staying on top of their Online & Social Media marketing 


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Our classes at CFU begin on a set day; all Registrations are funneled into the next upcoming ‘Start Date’.  When you enroll in on of our Programs, you will be added to an UPCOMING Class. Like any University, our classes have set start dates so you can participate with other students.

Modules are delivered WEEKLY via Email.

All content is on a secure Web Page that only ACTIVE Catch Fire Students can access.

Each module is packed with course content in the form of videos, documents and assignments!



Once your class begins you will be added, by a CFU Administrator, to a PRIVATE Facebook Page just for your CFU Class. This allows us to create a ‘class room’ and connect you with your fellow students. We create a supportive atmosphere where you will be working together to achieve your goals and complete the assignments. As humans we do nothing in life alone, and so we structured CFU to mirror life in that way. Just like in our lives, creating REAL and LASTING success in business, relationships, etc. all depends on how many people you help and bring with you. This will be no different. There will be accountability within your class and a “leave no one behind” mentality. If you can’t handle working with and helping others, good luck creating any kind of lasting success! Remember; Bill Gates did not create his empire working alone and neither will you.

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